I've been driving cars FREE or damn close to it for years and now I'm going to show you how to do the very same thing right here and right now!
The Most Important Information You Will EVER Read Before You Buy, Lease, Finance, Drive or Trade Another Vehicle!

And You won't find it anywhere else!

Why? Because I developed the secret strategies and wrote the book on how to immediately eliminate car ownership expense from your budget!
"Don't Drive Your Car or Truck
Another Mile Without This Information"
Ralph Roades ~ Wide Open Magazine
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If You Can't Buy A Car Exactly The Way I Describe, I'll Have One Of The Wholesalers I Use Contact You Personally!
Anthony Scavuzzo

Mr. Drive Free
Anthony Scavuzzo
Hi, I'm Anthony Scavuzzo: One of the greatest thrills in life is to take your success in whatever form and pass it on to others. I figured out how to and have been Driving Cars FREE or Damn Close To It for years.

In fact, I finance every car I buy and I haven't made a monthly car payment in almost 15 years and neither should you.

I happen to have several good friends who own new and used car dealerships and I use to get great deals on the cars and trucks I bought, SO I THOUGHT. The truth is, I like everyone else, wasted tens of thousands of dollars buying, financing, driving and trading new and used cars and trucks THEIR WAY.

I dug deep into and figured out what those cars and trucks were REALLY costing me, what the manufacturers, dealers and their finance companies were REALLY doing to me and was as shocked as you're getting ready to be! I learned there are SERIOUS do's and don't in this environment and that I had NO friends in the car business, and trust me, neither do you,


Car manufactures, new and used car dealers and their finance companies spend tens of millions of dollars coming up with creative new ways to show you how you can afford to BUY, not OWN their cars and trucks -

I developed FOUR SECRETS that car salesman and even car sales managers are not taught, do not know and you'll never learn on your own, that will put YOU in complete control when you buy, finance, drive and trade your vehicles.

These four secrets and what encompasses them are incredibly easy to understand and master once revealed to you - yet they INSTANTLY allow you (No matter how good a deal you think you got) to STOP the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS you're currently spending and on each and every car you own from now on!

And the best part is - you won't have to be in the car business, or even feel like you're in the car business to use and benefit from these strategies.

Now, I'm going to show you that it is what you know and put you directly in the inner game of car ownership.

I Don't Care Who You Know In The Car Business,
or Even If You're In The Car Business
- In Just Minutes You'll Learn Exactly:

How and where to buy any car you want for less than, right at or just over its true current bank loan value.
How and where to find a wholesaler happy to get you the car or truck you want, exactly the way I describe.
How to avoid ALL unnecessary fees and up-charges associated with buying and financing your car.
How to EASILY minimize your depreciation losses.
And the best and easiest way to trade your car for top dollar saving you even more so you can repeat the process.

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Cut Car Ownership Expense From Your Family Budget Starting Right Now!
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Have You Heard That You Loose 20% To 35%
On New Or Used Cars When You Drive Them Off The Lot?

Now Imagine Being Able To Sell Your Car
For A Profit The Day You Get It.

It's that equity position from your purchase and the money you save avoiding unnecessary fees and up charges, additional interest and financing charges, minimizing depreciation and how you trade your car that allows you to Drive FREE or Damn Close To It.

All you need to understand is ONE KEY QUESTION to put my entire process into proper perspective, and my four easy to learn and apply strategies for you to:

Save enough money to pay for your kids college educations
Payoff debts
Take vacations
Invest in your future with the money you'll realize, you are currently spending on your car(s).

What Would You Do With An Extra
$5,000, $10,000 or Even $25,000 In Cash?

That's the kind of money I PROVE it's costing you right now to buy, finance, keep and trade your current vehicle - THEIR WAY. These costs are lying hidden in purchase profits; manufacture hold backs, unnecessary fees and up-charges that are pure profit to dealers; increased interest rates and unnecessary finance charges, what amount you finance, the term of your loan, overpriced warranties and service contracts and in your trade in.

NOW, you'll NEVER have to concern yourself
with ANY of that again.

Ever Notice The Disclaimer At The Bottom Of Other Peoples Testimonials? They Say - Results Not Typical!

You WON'T see any of that nonsense here, I GUARANTEE my strategies work for everyone who is able to buy a car and who qualifies for a car loan without exception - and they work for many who have been turned down for car loans or asked for co-signers at a dealership.

The potential savings you'll experience using my strategies range from about $5,000 to more than $25,000 on each and every car you own from now on AND ARE TYPICAL SAVINGS.

This Book should be called - The Car Owners Bible

This information is invaluable to anyone who drives a car.

After reading this book, I was able to save more than $12,000 over the best deal I could get at a dealer or public auction on the first car I bought, and I couldn't have done that any other way.

On top of that, it's easy to see that mine is a typical saving example by using these strategies.

Harold Mason
CEO Midland Capital Services

I was shocked to realize it cost me about $13,000 out of my pocket to drive the Chrysler I was driving.

Using Anthony Scavuzzo's strategies, I saved several thousand dollars on the purchase and financing alone of my new car.

Now, it MIGHT cost me a couple thousand dollars to drive this S-500 Mercedes Benz and it's possible that it won't cost me anything so I figured, why not drive the Mercedes?

This Book is for real!!
Michael Accurso
Business Professional

Every car and truck ad / promotion you see is created to influence your BUYING decisions and persuade BUYING habits.

Again, they are experts at showing you how you can afford to BUY not OWN their cars with NO consideration whatsoever to what they are ACTUALLY costing you.

As evidenced by the number of people today who owe more on their car then it's worth, new and used car dealers and their finance companies couldn't care less about the debt and compounding losses you are incurring buying, financing, driving and trading cars THEIR WAY
That all STOPS here!

You will not be fooled anymore by dealer promotions, so called wholesale pricing, or public or online car auctions that want you to believe you are getting the best deal you can on a car. They would have you looking the WRONG WAY while they cost you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS unnecessarily out of your pocket.

You'll NEVER look at a car promotion the same way again

You'll NEVER need to negotiate with a car salesman again

You'll NEVER need to be SOLD a car again

You'll NEVER be SOLD expensive financing again

You'll NEVER pay unnecessary fees and up charges again

You'll NEVER need GAP Insurance again

You'll NEVER be upside-down in a car again
This Is NOT a Complicated Mind Wrenching Manual
or Home Study Course.

You don't want to be in the car business, or even feel like you are in the car business and you don't want another home study course you may or may not finish.

You just want to know how to Drive FREE or Damn Close To It and THAT IS exactly what I show you!

There is only ONE price point I use to buy cars.
There are only TWO ways I finance cars.
There is only TWO way anyone can minimize depreciation losses
There is only ONE way I sell my cars
This Is Ready To Use Information
With NO Up-Sale.

You'll be able to seriously upgrade the car you are currently driving for a LOT LESS than you're spending now. If you pay cash for your cars, you'll still SAVE HUGE MONEY using my strategies to purchase, keep and trade your car.

You'll buy so cheap in most cases you can finance the entire purchase price. (This is buying - NOTHING DOWN - the way it should be) You'll FIND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS you are currently spending back in your bank account, or in your investment portfolio making you money - where it belongs!

What Car Manufacturers, Dealers And Their
Finance Companies Are Doing To People Should Be A CRIME!

Is It Any Wonder DEBT Is Escalating Out Of Control
And Has Become A CANCER To Our Society?

I'm on a personal mission to be the first person to make a $10,000 CASH DIFFERENCE in the lives of one million people and I have overwhelming PROOF it can happen for YOU.

No other how to, or self help book that I know of has saved this many people this kind of money so easily and I am hell bent to be the first.

Keep In Mind That There is NO WAY I can achieve my goal IF

  1. I Fail at showing you the true value in this Book
  1. I Fail at making it possible for you to understand and use these strategies.
  1. I Fail to save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS
YES! I intend to make a permanent positive change in your life and save you so much money you'll recommend my Book to EVERYONE YOU KNOW allowing me to break every Internet Book sales record on this plant!

This book is a must read. I'm literally paying my two kids college educations with the money I am saving using these strategies.

I've never recommended any information product as highly and as strongly as I do this book. The saving are obvious and very real and the difference it made in my families lives financially is nothing short of phenomenal.

Sam Marsalla
Commercial Property Consultants KC

"Don't Drive Your Car or Truck
Another Mile Without This Information"
Ralph Roades ~ Wide Open Magazine
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If You Can't Buy A Car Exactly The Way I Describe, I'll Have One Of The Wholesalers I Use Contact You Personally!
Anthony Scavuzzo
It's Ready For Immediate Download

RISK FREE - That's Right RISK FREE -
Not for 30, 60 or 90 Days, but for ONE FULL YEAR!

How Much Would You Pay, or Better Still
What Would it be Worth to YOU?

  1. To KNOW how and where you can buy cars you could sell the day you get them for a profit - instead of loosing a few, to many thousands when you drive your car off the lot?
  1. To be able to avoid ALL unnecessary purchase, finance fees and up-charges saving you several hundred to a couple thousand dollars more?
  1. To KNOW how to finance your entire car purchase and in many cases, not make monthly car payments?
  1. To SAVE several hundred dollars on Warranties
  1. To KNOW how to truly minimize depreciation losses - saving you a few, to several thousand more?
  1. To KNOW how to pocket $1,000 to more than $5,000 when you're ready to trade your car?
  1. To KNOW you will NEVER be taken advantage of in a car deal again?

How much you say? Well, you won't pay that much!

This Powerful Book Is Only $37.00
And You Can Be Reading It In Minutes

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Easy instant download in Adobe PDF you can read right from your computer / PC or MAC

Professionally designed in printer friendly format so you can print it and read it at your leisure .

The Time To Get This Information Is NOW!

YES! I want to Start Driving FREE or Damn Close To It NOW, I also want Anthony's monthly news letter. I understand that my download link will be given to me immediately after I order.

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Here's What Other's Are Saying!

What an enlightening eBook. After reading this eBook, I went searching for like information and found none!

I've never recommend any how to information as highly as I do this eBook.

Glen & Jane Verner

Unbelievable, I love cars but I was never able to afford to drive the ones I wanted. Now I can drive just about any car I want and I cannot thank you enough for this information.

Jesse Roberts

I'm writing to let you know how this information has changed our lives. We have two cars in our family and this was like getting a HUGE raise.

Concetta McCombs
Advertising Specialties

As a woman, I have never been comfortable buying a car. Your eBook changed all that and now for the first time, I'm in control. Thank you so much.

Christy Lewis

I'm a car salesman and have a hard time qualifying for a car loan. Doing this your way allowed me to buy a car for considerably less than my own employer would sell me one for, and my bank welcomed my business.

John Worth
Car Sales Professional

After reading your book, I figured how much my car actually cost me and I was floored. Using these strategies is easier and saving me tons of money.

Steve Ricketts
Freight Contractor

My wife and I make a good living and often we can't believe where it all goes. You just showed us where a lot of it was going. Thank you for writing this book.

James Pratt
Roofing Contractor

I use to think I had to keep my cars forever not to take huge losses on them, not any more. This is amazing information

Rod Truitt
USMC (Retired)

This is the most credible information I've read in a very long time. Thank you very much for publishing it.

Thomas Bannon
CEO Overseas Investors International LTD

Its your turn to be a testimonial
not read a testimonial!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book about buying cars at government auctions and the like?
NO, I'm not talking about driving cars with ads pasted all over them, participating in any promotions, or buying cars from any government auctions. Those don't work for most people in my opinion and are a waste of your valuable time.

This is NOT a gimmick, it is exactly what the headline says it is, easy to us strategies I developed and have been using for years that instantly allows us to drive just about any car we want FREE or damn close to it - period.

What if I can't buy a car the way you describe?
After reading my Book, there are plenty of car wholesalers and banks that will appreciate your NEW position, who will be honest with you and sell you a car, you just have to KNOW what you're asking for and why, how to finance and why, how long to keep your car and why, how to sell your car and why to Drive Free or Damn Close To It

And there are plenty of ways to MAKE SURE you're NOT being lied to, I show you exactly how.

ON TOP OF THAT, if you can't buy a car exactly the way I describe, I'll have one of the wholesalers I use contact you personally. They have told me they would love to sell as many cars as they can my way.

You say this information works for everyone, how do I know that includes me?
If you are of average intelligence and confident you can go to a car dealership and purchase a car on your own, you can use my strategies.

Before I wrote this Book, I showed several of my friends how to do this and they had no problem following exactly what I told them, 100% of them. It works every time for every person I've showed how without exception.

Better still, I went back to them and had them figure their savings for each car they have purchased using my strategies, ready for this - their individual savings ranged from just over $7,000 to more than $16,000 on each car doing this my way. That's money they would have spend doing this any other way.

What do these saving include?
Free or Damn Close To It refers to the estimated actual cost of owning a car for a specified time. It includes proven, accepted and very effective strategies so you can make strategic car purchases, eliminate unnecessary fees and up-charges, minimize depreciation, interest and fees; and compounding losses that most people experience on every vehicle they buy, finance, drive and trade. Savings do not include after market purchases, taxes, and insurance, maintenance and upkeep expenses, etc.

How do I know I can get financed using your strategies?
I do not know your financial situation or circumstances and naturally I cannot guarantee anyone can get financed. But allow me to ask you a serious question, if you have established credit, a 2 year income history and a bank account, the only reason I can think of to be turned down for a loan, even if you're someone with just average credit, is if you're paying too much for the car.

Your bank is in the business of making loans - if you're a pretty small risk and the bank has sufficient collateral for your loan, why would they turn you down?

I've found the primary reason many people get turned down for a car loan, or told they need a co-signer is that they are trying to finance too much of the purchase price.

My strategies provide permanent solution to that problem.

Can I really finance a car and not make monthly car payments?
Absolutely, I do it all the time and so do many others. Purchase and read the Book, it will be one of the very best investments of your time you ever spent, and will save you thousands of dollars GUARANTEED.

Is this information available for FREE somewhere else on the internet?
NO, this is NOT re-hashed information. I searched the internet high and low looking for articles, Books, blog posts, and drive free manuals, anything that might disclose this information and found NOTHING that even comes close.

Believe me, this information is very real and very powerful and WILL without any question save you THOUSANDS on each and every car you drive for the rest of your life.

I'm NOT talking about anything radical - No hype - No gimmicks - No empty promises - just sound strategies that will make you feel like you just got a HUGE raise - it saves you THAT much money.

What is your real WHY?
(This is my favorite question - asked by Jay Kubassek, of NY)

Naturally I make money selling this Book, but Jay knows me and knew that was not my primary WHY!

This is:

The US Dollar is worth less today than ever before. Although many people are living well, the truth is that DEBT is growing at record pace and has become a cancer to most people.

Consider this:

1) Getting out of debt as a resolution has overtaken weight loss for the first time in history.

2) More women will file bankruptcy than graduate college this year in the US.

3) Last year - there were 80 million unpaid credit cards in the US alone / average balance $8000.

4) Today, two income families have less discretionary income than single income families just a generation ago - and that discretionary income is increasingly going toward paying debt - now approaching 90%

5) They DO NOT teach this information in High School, or even College

6) And consider this: 75% of lottery winners are bankrupt within 5-years

7) You want the REAL secret to building wealth for your future? Get your liabilities under control and don't spend the money you make, spend the money it makes you.

Aside from our homes, for many people CARS are the second most costly liability and almost everyone that has one, has fallen victim to believing they will always have car or lease payments, and that it's OK to owe more on their car than it is actually worth. It's NOT OK and you don't have to be one of those people anymore!

Anthony Scavuzzo

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